The Ultimate Formula

What is our universe made of and how did it begin? Follow the two-part documentary series The Ultimate Formula and dive into the science behind our cosmos and its mysterious origins.

Episode 1: What is the Universe Made Of?

Episode 1: What is the Universe Made Of?

Is our universe governed by an ultimate mathematical formula? Since the dawn of time humanity has tried to make sense of space, hunting for a definite answer to creation. Some took to religion to find the answer and others, raw calculable science.

In this first episode we’ll join the physicists who’s searched for the blueprints of the universe and the building blocks of our universe.

We’ll discover their many setbacks and the many triumphs they’ve had, gaining steadily on understanding the cosmos itself.

In 2012, the Higgs boson particle theory was proven – effectively confirming the Standard Model. In essence, this explained what this universe was made of.

But was it the final answer? Join in as we discover the search for the science and mathematics of the ultimate formula.

Episode 2: How did the Universe Begin?

Episode 2: How did the Universe Begin?

The human race has succeeded in explaining nearly everything in this universe using mathematical formulae. Yet there is one place that remains shrouded in mystery -– black holes.

Physicists believe that if they could discover a formula that explains the center of black holes, the last remaining mystery of the universe could finally be unraveled -– how the universe came into being.

Their attempts have been mired by unforeseen pitfalls but with the development of superstring theory, physicists have arrived at a formula that could finally end their century-long search.

What the formula described was a world beyond our wildest imaginations. This is the incredible story of physicists like Einstein, Hawking and the superstring theorists who have endeavored to solve the mystery of the origin of the universe.

The Ultimate Formula
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  • Release date2016
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Tomoharu Okada, Masahito Kasuga
  • Production companyNHK