In Search of Killer Ants

Follow a team of Entomologists. those who study insects, as they search for the world’s most dangerous killer ants.

Visiting some of the more violent ant species like the African driver ant and the jack jumper ant, the documentary hopes to illuminate the intricacies of these predator ants.

Dorylus (the African driver ant) is supposedly one of the only ants who are able to kill humans.

Although not as bad as they are depicted in movies like Indiana Jones 4, they are still rumoured to have killed infants. Since infants aren’t moving much, Dorylus can attack with ease.

In the insect world ants are the king predators. With an estimated global population ranging from 10,000 trillion to a quadrillion (a million trillion), they take more lives than all the larger predators combined.

But how destructive can ants really become? And how dangerous are some of the ant species towards humans? Let’s find out.

In Search of Killer Ants
  • Info
  • Release date2002
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Martin Dohrn
  • Part of the seriesNatural World
  • Also known asKiller Ants