Maasai: The Last Dance of the Warriors

Maasai: The Last Dance of the Warriors joins a group of seven lifelong friends as they live out their final days of Maasai Warriorhood.

At their Eunoto graduation in Tanzania, they will join over 900 age mates for the largest and most important ceremony of their lives. A change which cements them as elders in the Maasai society rather than the carefree young warriors they are now.

Once graduated, these new Maasai elders will settle down, get married and take on new responsibilities their society demands from them.

To lead the band of seven, 22 year old Korisa and his best friend, 23 year old Mushiri, has taken it upon themselves to lead the rest of their friends into the final month of being warriors.

With mixed emotion on leaving behind their youth, all seven travel together on foot to reach the ceremonial site over 200 kilometres away.

It is a journey which will forever change them and those around them.

Maasai: The Last Dance of the Warriors
  • Info
  • Release date2017
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Kire Godal
  • Part of the seriesTribal Odyssey
  • Production companyMagellanTV