I, Psychopath

I, Psychopath studies the mind of Sam Vaknin, author, scientist, narcissist and suspected psychopath.

Sam hopes to illuminate the science and psychology behind psychopathy by testing himself throughout this documentary.

Undergoing what’s known as The Psychopathy Checklist as well as other psychological tests from the world’s experts in the field, Sam hopes to prove his mind can be the catalyst of scientific growth in this field.

In I, Psychopath, we’ll get to terms with the reality of this endeavour – one which might not be that straight forward.

Glaring over the minefield of scientific, ethical, moral and social issues to imprinting a scientific label on being a psychopath, Sam Vaknin’s frustrations builds while lashing out at the people around him.

Otherwise used as puzzle pieces for glorifying Sam’s route to scientific victory and self glorification, the documentary film-makers has now become the victims of intense verbal abuse and negative psychological analysis.

To illustrate fully how living and being with a narcissist with psychopathic tendencies comes across, the film gruelling seeks to cover all aspects of Sam’s life.

It’s a life of cold calculation, where those around him are pieces to the puzzle he wants to build.

I, Psychopath
  • Info
  • Release date2009
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Ian Walker
  • Production companyFibro Majestic