Edge of the Solar System

How the universe works

Explore the edge of the solar system, where the Voyager probe and the New Horizons spacecraft continue to make new discoveries.

As Voyager continues its journey past the heliosphere, completely new breakthroughs are retelling a story about the solar system.

Here lies huge magnetic bubbles million of miles wide, weird invisible matter, and perhaps one solitary death star tearing through comets made of ice and rock, catapulting them into chaotic orbits.

All this and more could be inside our cosmic backyard, and effecting our lives on Earth.

But where is the Edge of the Solar System exactly? And where does the solar system end? It all relies on the criteria you are using.

If it depends on where there are no more visible planets, it could be Neptune and the Kuiper Belt.

If the edge is at the sun’s magnetic fields, the end would be the heliosphere.

If decision on the end is at the gravitational influence of the sun, then the solar system would have its border at the Oort Cloud.

One thing stands clear however, the edge of the solar system is mostly uncharted territory to the human race – yet every day new discoveries unravel the unknown.

This documentary seeks to shine light on some of more recent scientific discoveries we know about it.

Edge of the Solar System
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  • Release date2015
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Joe Loncraine
  • Part of the seriesHow the Universe Works
  • Production companyPioneer Productions