Death of Apartheid: The Whites’ Last Stand

Follow the first democratic election in South Africa and the death of the apartheid – a racist political reform designed to withhold the country’s black people from using the same resources as its white inhabitants.

Throughout the film we’ll witness how Eugene Terreblanche’s and his white nationalistic political party AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging) tries their best to stop the first democratic elections in 1994.

In Eugene’s eyes and his supporters, the mere prospect of abolishing apartheid would plunge the country into chaos and be the end of Boers in South Africa.

Believing that the black populace would tear the country apart, Eugene laments to his followers that the country would become an “unlawful” reality and everything must be done to stop them.

Their adversaries were Nielson Mandela and the political party ANC (African National Congress), beloved by most of the country – a country tired of an ancient reform based around hatred and fear.

Ultimately, ANC would go ahead with winning South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994 and put an end to apartheid.

Death of Apartheid: The Whites’ Last Stand
  • Info
  • Release date1995
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Stephen Clarke, Mick Gold
  • Part of the seriesDeath of Apartheid
  • Production companyBrian Lapping Associates