Bandits of Selous

Bandits of Selous follows a band of mongoose in their fight to survive in the Tanzanian Selous natural wildlife reserve.

Exploring their natural habitat, the secrets of mongoose living are laid bare.

These small mammals are surprisingly adept at dealing with their larger neighbours, are constantly on the lookout for predators and have been known to fight off eagles and kill cobras.

Throughout the documentary the mongoose pack is tested to the limit. They live under constant threat from predators and the harsh African weather.

Although these small mammals face dangers at every turn, by joining as a group their chances of survival becomes far greater than being alone.

They do sometimes squabble for food, but in the end these aggressions are stopped once whoever claims the food first has sated their appetite.

But other than driving away predators and looking for food, what does life hold for the Tanzanian banded mongoose? Let’s dig into Bandits of Selous to find out.

Bandits of Selous
  • Info
  • Release date2008
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Owen Prümm
  • Part of the seriesMutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
  • Production companyPrimal Films Production