Alien – Invasion: The Rage War 2

Book two of The Rage War trilogy

Read aloud as an audiobook, Alien – Invasion: The Rage War 2 takes a look at how every planet is being overrun by the Xenomorphs and how humanity enters an alliance with the Predators to stop them.

For centuries Weyland-Yutani has tried to weaponize the aliens. Now someone has beaten them to it, sweeping through Yautja space and turning predator into prey.

Faced with the overwhelming forces of the Rage, Earth envoys forge an unprecedented alliance with the Predators. Yet even the combined might of two races may not be enough to stop the carnage, as an unstoppable swarm of Xenomorphs topples planet after planet, penetrating ever deeper into the Human Sphere.

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Alien – Invasion: The Rage War 2
  • Info
  • Release date2016
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Tim Lebbon