Alexander The Great

The Path to Power

Legendary military leader and conqueror of the ancient world, Alexander the Great is brought to life in this stunning documentary – a reenactment of his historical life.

Following his birth in Macedonia in 356 BC, Alexander was taught combat skills from an early age and was tutored by famed Aristotle until age 16. After Philip’s assassination in 336 BC, he succeeded his father to the throne and inherited a strong kingdom and an experienced army at the age of twenty.

But the kingdom Alexander inherited was volatile. Steadfast in his will however, Alexander continued to defeat his enemies at home and reassert Macedonian power within Greece. Alexander and his army’s thirst for glory did not end here, they would continue onwards to conquer the world over the next many years.

Against overwhelming odds, and with brilliant military strategy, Alexander led his army to victories across the Persian territories of Egypt, Syria and Asia Minor – finally reaching northwest India – all without suffering a single defeat. But the success did not come without a personal price.

Alexander The Great
  • Info
  • Release date2014
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Uwe Kersken
  • Production companyGruppe 5 Filmproduktion