Welcome Nowhere

The Story of The Boxcan Gypsies

Welcome Nowhere is a documentary film which travels to Bulgaria, in an effort to shine light on the Roma People – a society more commonly known as Gypsies.

Vilified and shunned by countries from all over the world, the Gypsies might be one of the most hated people on Earth.

Narrated by actor Ethan Hawke, Welcome Nowhere seeks to figure out things for itself by filming a day to day life for the Roma people, how they live and how other Bulgarians judge Gypsies to be.

According to the documentary, a lot of gypsies in Bulgaria are being actively evicted from their homes and seen as “lesser” people. Supposedly, most people in Bulgaria view the Roma people as a nuisance who trouble society more than they provide to it.

Despite many years of governmental promises for houses, the Roma people live in run-down slums where living conditions are only getting worse.

These poor living conditions create a decline for both for the societal standards and the people involved, in turn conceiving a horrible cycle of uneducated, broken and poor people who only struggle to survive.

Documenting their fight for new homes and featuring interviews with leading Roma Rights experts, the documentary film paints a detailed picture of one of Europe’s most controversial issues.

Welcome Nowhere
  • Info
  • Release date28 Sep., 2013
  • Full runtime1 hour 20 min
  • Narrated byEthan Hawke
  • Directed byKate Ryan
  • Produced byKate Ryan, Joseph M. Petrick
  • Production CompaniesOne Small Instrument Pictures
  • Produced forThe Orchard, Internet