The Pacific War in Color

NHK’s The Pacific War in Color takes a look at World War 2 as seen from a Japanese perspective.

Old archived footage was painstakingly recreated in color, showing the very different Japanese side of World War 2. Footage which reveals the certain propaganda used at the time and a push towards an all-consuming plight for honour.

The footage vividly revives the realities of a terrible war and conveys with fresh intensity the experiences of those who were there through diaries and words.

All in all, The Pacific War in Color is another piece in the puzzle of World War 2, showing how the Japanese thought-pattern at the time was hellbent on acting as honourable heroes to their country and political regime – even amidst the atrocities of countless Japanese war crimes.

It was a life which was shrouded in a mist of lies and propaganda for the common Japanese citizen, one where millions would be die to the ideology of a pursuit of Japanese supremacy.

The Pacific War in Color
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Shinja Iwata
  • Production companyNHK