Serengeti: Nature’s Living Laboratory

Research the zoology and ecological principles of how Tanzania’s wildlife in the Serengeti is regulated.

Together with a group of scientists we’ll join the frontline of research spread across three chapters.

During these chapters, we’ll unlock the reasons why the Serengeti is the way it is and the central role wildebeest play.

The first chapter explores the phenomenon of the sudden increase in wildebeest and buffalo populations and connects to the concepts of top-down and bottom-up regulation and carrying capacity.

Chapter two investigates how migration allows wildebeest to reach enormous numbers.

The third and final chapter explores how wildebeest indirectly affect many other components of the ecosystem, making them a keystone species.

To wrap it all up, Serengeti: Nature’s Living Laboratory outlines the entirety in a throughout summary of insights.

Serengeti: Nature’s Living Laboratory
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Nathan Dappen, Neil Losin
  • Production companyDay's Edge Productions