Sea Tales: The Witch and the Pirate Prince

Somewhere off Massachusetts, U.S., the wreck of the Whydah, with $400 million of gold, silver, ivory and jewels in her hold, has lain hidden under the rolling waves for 300 years.

Sea Tales: The Witch and the Pirate Prince sets out to discover more of the history behind the ship’s story and why it shipwrecked.

The documentary does this through engaging narrator Patrick Toll’s storytelling, a dramatic reenactment and interviews with maritime experts.

The story goes: In 1717, dashing Sam Bellamy seduced a 15-year-old Massachusetts maiden before sailing for the Caribbean in search of sunken Spanish Galleons, promising to come back to his young love.

Unsuccessful, he turned to piracy, and “Black Sam” Bellamy became one of the most feared and hated men on the waves. But for all the years he spent at sea, his abandoned lover left pregnant by Bellamy and branded a witch by her community haunted the cliffs of Cape Cod, waiting for his return.

Finally, as Bellamy sailed his captured, treasure-laden vessel home, a fierce gale drove the ship to ruin off the shore of Wellfleet.

Trace the incredible story of the reluctant pirate who sailed into legend and the tragic figure he left behind, and join the countless attempts to find the Whydah and her spoils.

Sea Tales: The Witch and the Pirate Prince
  • Info
  • Release date1997
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Melissa Jo Peltier