Puszta: Land of Salt and Sand

Journey to Puszta in Hungary where Central Europe’s last and only wandering sand dunes surprise the traveller.

Here sand dunes are some 600 feet high and in continuous motion, shaping a landscape one would only expect in Africa’s nature.

Spring storms whip up giant clouds of fine sand that darken the sun and loom over the low Kecskemet plain. This seemingly hostile land is home to plenty wildlife, all thriving in the hot desert-like landscapes.

But sand is not the only thing dominating the nature of Puszta. In Hungary’s nature, far stretching grassy steppes emerges from the land unclaimed by the dune sands.

Puszta, otherwise known as the Pannonian Steppe or the Great Hungarian Plain, stands as a vast wilderness of shrubs and grassland. It is raw European nature, one which has been shaped and reshaped by the salt and sands of the land.

Puszta: Land of Salt and Sand
  • Info
  • Release date2002
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Waltraud Paschinger, Istvan Nadaskay
  • Part of the seriesThe Secrets of Nature