Planet Dinosaur

The Next Generation of Killer Giants

From the deadliest killers to the biggest and strangest beasts, Planet Dinosaur brings to life a new and terrifying world of dinosaurs.

Displayed as an epic 4-part documentary series, Planet Dinosaur takes us on an epic palaeontology journey to find some of the newly discovered dinosaurs found in the last two decades.

To illustrate these new palaeontology findings, the series uses CGI and gives us an epic narration by John Hurt.

Episode 1: Feathered Dragons

Episode 1: Feathered Dragons

This first episode investigates the feathered dinosaurs species, some of who have been only just recently discovered.

Feathered Dragons argues towards the fact that feathers could have been a common evolutionary trait amongst dinosaurs. Feathers have been found on the Epidexipteryx, Caudipteryx, Sinosauropteryx and the 8 meter long Gigantoraptor.

So why did these dinosaurs evolve feathers? Palaeontologists theorize it could be because of flight, insulation, intimidation or attracting a mate.

Episode 2: Last Killers

Episode 2: Last Killers

Last Killers examines the last generation of killer dinosaurs 75 million years ago. Those ferocious carnivores evolved to the point of being almost perfect hunters.

Spread across the globe, these gigantic specialized hunter-killers would end up completely dominating the landscapes.

Amongst them were the powerfull Abelisaurids in the southern continents, the Tyrannosaurids in the north, the Daspletosaurus who hunted in groups, and the Majungasaurus – and efficient killer and cannibal from the southern hemisphere.

Episode 3: Fight for Life

Episode 3: Fight for Life

Fight for Life investigates the late Jurassic Age around 145 million years ago and the dinosaurs who roamed the Earth at this period.

Here we’ll meet the enormous “Predator X” (Pliosaurus) who hunted in the European Oceans.

On the American lands we’ll get a chance to see the famous Allosaurus who kills, eats and terrorizes its victims.

But both Predator X and Allosaurus might dwarf even larger predators who stalk the terrains. Lets find out what these new dinosaurs are called.

Episode 4: The Great Survivors

Episode 4: The Great Survivors

This last episode explores dinosaur and their extraordinary ability to survive.

Diving headfirst into the palaeontology discoveries, we’ll meet the Magyarosaurus who showed an amazing adaptation to island life and the Nothronychus – a carnivore who gave up eating meat!

This amazing ability to adapt and evolve to your surroundings meant that dinosaur life not only spread to every corner of Earth, but also dominated life completely for more than 160 millions years.

Planet Dinosaur
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  • Release date2011
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  • Director(s)Nigel Paterson
  • Production companyJellyfish Pictures