One Night in Bhopal

One Night in Bhopal investigates one of the worst man-made disaster throughout all of history: A toxic chemical leakage from a factory in the Indian city of Bhopal.

Using a chemical known as MIC (methyl isocyanate), or “liquid dynamite”, the accident led to a serious health risk for over half a million people. Thousands of those exposed died in agony.

The side effects to living through the chemical hell included cancer, birth defects, blindness, miscarriages, organ toxicity, and compromised immune systems.

To understand the entire disaster, the film looks at every choice made by the factory workers, their leaders and the exposed victims to make an accurate depiction of the catastrophe.

Using actors to reconstruct the scenes and eye witness accounts, One Night in Bhopal cements the worst disaster made by man.

One Night in Bhopal
  • Info
  • Release date2004
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Steve Condie