Lions of Etosha

Deep in the heart of Namibia in southern Africa lies the Etosha National Park, a home to a wide variety of African wildlife.

Amongst them are 500 lions living around the Etosha Pan, a great lake in the center of the Namibian national park. This is a story of those lions and in particular, The Ombika pride.

They are a pride of nineteen lions and are named after one of Etosha’s waterholes. This family is dominated by two immense males each weighing 550 lb, one is gold maned and the other black.

Following them across the Etosha savannah, we’ll get to see how the pride lives, eats and survives.

Recently the pride has expanded their family with two new cubs. Cubs, who are now learning how to hunt, kill and survive.

But what life await these cups? And besides the fight for survival, what does a lion do? This is their story.

Lions of Etosha
  • Info
  • Release date1981
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Des Bartlett, Jen Bartlett
  • Part of the seriesSurvival
  • Also known asThe Lions of Etosha: King of the Beasts
  • Production companySurvival Anglia Production