Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hubble telescope as Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed reflects on the massive scientific breakthroughs it has given us since its launch.

Since its inception, Hubble was designed to peer into the deepest pockets of our universe and explore the unknown.

By being able to see what we could not, our understanding of space has become greater and better.

Giving us such images as the Hubble Deep Field, tapestries of blazing starbirths, grand nebulas like the Pillars of Creation and many others, Hubble has reshaped our understanding of our cosmos and what it truly looks like.

Facilitated by images of glorious celestial bodies, Hubble continues its watchful eye on our cosmos to this day.

Now, thirty years old, Hubble is celebrated by the world’s scientific community who retells its story and shows the telescope’s most famous Astronomy breakthroughs.

Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed
  • Info
  • Release date2020
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)David Briggs
  • Part of the seriesHorizon
  • Production companyBBC