Hardcore History 67 – Supernova in the East VI

Dan Carlin continues his Supernova in the East series in episode six. In this episode Dan investigates the end of World War 2 in Asia, a conflict escalating into pure brutality from and onto Japan.

Japans national endurance is tested to the very end, as bravery and resilience have crossed into madness. Suicide attacks have become the norm and atomic weapons are used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki – incinerating them from our reality. Famine and war have broken the Japanese people and all is lost.

00:00 – Intro

22:55 – Burma / India

01:14:10 – Peleliu

01:56:27 – Iwo

02:58:01 – Leyte

03:25:01 – Firebombing

04:04:13 – Okinawa

04:54:40 – Ending of the war

05:27:35 – Epilogue

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Hardcore History 67 – Supernova in the East VI
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  • Publish Date:8 Jun, 2021
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