Hardcore History 62 – Supernova in the East I

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History episode 62

Dan Carlin is back with another Hardcore History Episode. This time we’ll enter the Asia Pacific War in 1937-1945.

This podcast is called Supernova in the East 1. It is part of a 2-part mini-series podcast derived from a much larger podcast series from historian Dan Carlin called Hardcore History.

Supernova in the East I tells the tale of how Japanese culture became the way it is due its history, patriotic pride and fierce protection of its stand-alone culture.

Dan argues that this total loyalness to their empire could partly explain, for instance, the craze of the kamikaze stunts pulled in World War 2. The Japanese society expected the common soldier, and the civilian, to give their lives for Japan.

Although we’ll get to know how a Japanese person was thinking during World War 2, our focus is mostly on the The Asia-Pacific War. It was the theatre of World War II, fought in the Pacific and Asia.

As Dan Carlin puts it:

If there were a Japanese version of Captain America, this would be his origin story.

Dan Carlin’s Supernova in the East

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Hardcore History 62 – Supernova in the East I