Hannibal: The Man Who Hated Rome

No shortlist of the greatest generals in history would be complete without the name of Hannibal.

This documentary film shows why us exactly why he was both feared and respected by his enemies.

Hannibal’s tactical genius is illustrated with the latest three-dimensional graphics technology and exciting dramatic reconstructions of his victories.

This is the story of the General who took on the might of Rome. Hannibal led his forces, including a squadron of elephants, through France, over the Alps and into the heart of Italy.

For 15 years he fought the Romans using their own country as his battlefield and his base. With his small forces, he annihilated larger well-trained Roman Armies with almost contemptuous ease.

This documentary also shows how Rome, after defeating Hannibal, razed the city of Carthage and attempted to wipe out an entire civilization.

Hannibal: The Man Who Hated Rome
  • Info
  • Release date2001
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Patrick Fleming
  • Production companyMentorn