Edge of the Universe

Is there an edge to our cosmos? Explore the cutting edge astronomy of today as scientists dive into whether or not there’s an edge to our universe.

Whether there is an edge of the universe or not, or what happens there, is still an unknown to us. However, new discoveries reveal the secrets of the edge of space.

Exploring the very deepest corners of the cosmos, Edge of the Universe hopes to illuminate the prevailing cosmological question we face today.

As the universe expands beyond the speed of light, these experts argue the notion of an edge should be re-thought when it comes to our cosmos.

One theory showcases how there might not be an edge at all, as an “expanding universe” just means every galaxy is moving farther apart from every other galaxy.

A universe without an edge might be a hard notion to grasp, but using pure mathematics astronomers today can calculate the consistant mathematical description of the expansion of the observable universe.

Could the theory be flawed or is it something entirely different? And what would happen if we crossed the edge? If the universe has an edge, what shape is it then? Explore the cosmological science of today as we dig into how the universe works.

Edge of the Universe
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  • Release date2020
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  • Director(s)Helen Williamson
  • Part of the seriesHow the Universe Works
  • Production companyPioneer Productions