The Dark Side of The Sun

The Dark Side of The Sun joins a team of scientists as they probe the sun to figure out its life giving secrets and destructive nature.

Digging into the science, the documentary looks at what knowledge we’ve gathered about the sun throughout history and the star’s immense solar flares it fires at Earth.

The film asks what would happen if the sun took out our electrical power grid for an entire year.

As dependent we are on our electronics today, a single huge solar flare could fry everything on Earth.

Despite its calm appearance, the sun is a violent place, constantly releasing huge masses of energy known as coronal mass ejections.

These storms have hit the earth before. The last big one struck more than 150 years ago in the Victorian era taking out worldwide telegraph service.

So what does it take to safeguard ourselves better from the sun?

To know these answers, scientists believe our understanding of the sun must be greater.

Today, scientists and engineers are building the world’s largest solar telescope and launching the first ever spacecraft to fly to the sun to help us predict these potentially devastating events – and prepare for them.

The Dark Side of The Sun
  • Info
  • Release date2017
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Paul Bozymowski, Nathaniel Kahn
  • Production companyRadicalMedia