Bacchus Uncovered: Ancient God of Ecstasy

Historian Bettany Hughes investigates the story of Bacchus, god of wine, revelry, theatre and excess.

Travelling to Georgia, Jordan, Greece and Britain to discover his origins and his presence in the modern world, and explore how ‘losing oneself’ plays a vital role in the development of civilisation.

Bettany begins in Georgia where she discovers evidence of the world’s oldest wine production, and the role it may have played in building communities.

In Athens she reveals Bacchus’s pivotal role in a society where his ecstatic worship was embraced by all classes, and most importantly women.

On Cyprus she uncovers startling parallels between Bacchus and Christ.

Finally, Bettany follows the god’s modern embrace in Nietzsche’s philosophy, experimental theatre and the hedonistic hippie movement to conclude that, while this god of ecstasy is worthy of contemporary reconsideration, it is vital to heed the warning of the ancients – “MEDEN AGAN” – nothing in excess.

Bacchus Uncovered: Ancient God of Ecstasy
  • Info
  • Release date2018
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Nick Gillam-Smith
  • Production companySandstone Global Productions