America’s Stone Age Explorers

Join a team of archaeologists and anthropologists as they dig into prehistory and uncover a Stone Age detective story.

Set to uncover the first Americans, America’s Stone Age Explorers investigates where these ancient people came from.

Archaeologists have believed for years that they were a culture of prehistoric big game hunters who traversed the icy ocean straits between Asia and North America – the mythical Clovis people.

But new clues are forcing scientists to revisit the story and rewrite the ancient American stone age.

This new evidence suggests there were already people in the Americas for thousands of years before newer stone age migrations happened.

New migrations with bands of tribes utilizing newer technology in the form of carved flint rock called Clovis Points.

The film argues that these Clovis Point rock spear tips might have been introduced to America by Ice Age Europeans who crossed the Atlantic 17,000 years before Columbus. Long after this documentary was aired, scientists named these mysterious folks the Solutrean People – some of the first people in America.

Explore the American Stone age as we delve into these archaeological mysteries.

We’ll explore the high arctic to learn the techniques that may have been used to cross the ice-encrusted Atlantic, and we’ll visit southern France, where Stone Age artifacts have been found that resemble the famous Clovis points.

America’s Stone Age Explorers
  • Info
  • Release date2004
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Vincent Liota
  • Production companyProvidence Pictures