Alien Reefs

Alien Reefs dives deep beneath the freezing Arctic seas to find some of the lesser known coral reefs on Earth.

Although the warmer coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are at an environmental disadvantage these days, the Arctic coral reefs are teeming with life.

A gathering point for marine biodiversity, the Arctic coral reefs are formed by icebergs as they slide across the sea bed, leaving behind perfect foundations for coral to build upon.

Hidden from view, they criss cross the planet from the deep water tropics to the freezing Arctic. Some Arctic coral reefs have never been explored by humans.

Join the exploration as Alien Reefs sets out with a team of expert underwater cameramen who’ll enter an expansive ink black ocean environment.

Here we’ll the discover strange and wonderful creatures making their mark on unknown alien coral reefs.

Alien Reefs
  • Info
  • Release date2014
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Danny Tipping
  • Production companyTesche Dokumentarfilm Produktion