A Day in the Life of Earth

Mathematician and presenter Hannah Fry shows how much Earth changes in a day and how important these daily changes are to life on our planet.

If you think the Earth takes millions of years to change, it’s time to think again.

Tour the world with A Day in the Life of Earth and dive into the environmental and geological science of Earth. With the help of experts, we’ll get to see how Earth moves, breathes, shrinks and grows right under our feet.

Using science, daily geological experiments and orbiting satellites, we’ll get to harness the newly available data on our planet to show us its true personality.

Every minute new land is born, every hour tonnes of rock arrive from space, before you go to sleep a cloud of dust from the Sahara will have fertilised the Amazon, and while all that was happening, the ground under your feet moved half a metre.

As Hannah explains, Earth’s daily changes are all linked in surprising ways, and – more importantly – we would not be able to survive on the planet without them.

A Day in the Life of Earth
  • Info
  • Release date2018
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Matthew Dyas
  • Production companyYap Day Productions Inc