Tokyo Girls

In Japan, girl bands and pop music permeates modern culture.

With a society often obsessed with young female sexuality and internet popularity, Tokyo Girls seeks to understand what implications this might have.

By confronting the nature of gender power dynamics, and how female idols become younger and younger, the film looks at the rules of engagement that are playing out in real life and the internet around the globe.

Following Rio, and other Japanese Tokyo Idols like her, we’ll experience her lifestyle and the fandom which surrounds her.

One of these groups of fans calls themselves her ‘brothers’. They are a group of adult superfants who have devoted most of their lives to following her, both in the virtual world and real life.

Even going as far as giving up their jobs, the Brothers (and the culture of following their idol) have become a mainstream internet culture.

To experts, this indicates a seperation of reality and fantasy has become the norm – effectively creating a growing disconnect between men and women in hypermodern societies.

But are these things really true or are they blown out of proportion? Tokyo Girls investigates.

Tokyo Girls
  • Info
  • Release date2017
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Kyoko Miyake
  • Production companyBBC