The Stuarts: A Bloody Reign

Professor Kate Williams investigates the Stuart Age and the four kings who governed the English kingdom between 1603 to 1688.

Marked as a time in English history with great religious struggles and political turmoil, The Stuarts: A Bloody Reign documents the Stuart times throughout four different episodes.

By focusing on the powerful Wynn family at Gwydir Castle in North Wales, the series hopes to illuminate the Stuarts and this very special part of English history.

Episode 1: King James I

Episode 1: King James I

Episode one follows the heritage left behind by Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, and King James VI of Scotland who claimed her throne.

Although attaining the highest title of governance as King, James I faced numerous attempts on his life and went through the threat of the terrifying Thirty Years War raging on the continent.

Episode 2: King Charles I

Episode 2: King Charles I

Succeeding his father King James I in 1625, King Charles I married the daughter of the King of France and put an end to any catholic queens attaining the seat of power.

It was a situation which caused great religious upheaval in England, creating angry crowds calling for King Charles I end as a king.

As a further means to facilitate power for himself, Charles would continue his string of bad choices and dismiss the Parliament and gain an even stronger authoritarian rule.

Eventually, all his choices led to civil war in England. A civil war which ended with a king beheaded and a commoner name Oliver Cromwell seizing power.

Episode 3: King Charles II

Episode 3: King Charles II

With Oliver Cromwell in leadership the Commonwealth ends. England becomes less inclined to fight but stays in a somber mood.

After the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1660 an exiled King returns to London with an enormous fanfare.

Kings Charles II’s has come back to take control and his reign becomes a dramatic shift away from the rule of the Puritans that precede him.

But as he attains the throne, great devestation for London rears its ugly head. The worst outbreak of plague in generations and the Great Fire Of London hits England hard.

Episode 4: King James II

Episode 4: King James II

Following the death of King Charles II in 1685, his brother – Kings James II – takes the throne.

He was a Catholic monarch of a Protestant nation and attempts had already been made to prevent him from claiming the throne.

The last of the Stuart Kings would reign for only three years and it would be his own daughter, Mary, who would be his downfall.

She, along with her husband William of Orange, would overthrow and end the House of Stuart.

The Stuarts: A Bloody Reign
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  • Release date2018
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  • Director(s)Lyndy Saville
  • Production company3DD Productions