The Light of Dawn: June 6th, 1944

At the height of World War Two the Alliance sends in their troops and lands on the Normandy beaches in the northern parts of France. Its all part of a major military strategy in an effort to stop Germany and the destructive forces they’ve blanketed Europe with. In The Light of Dawn: June 6th, 1944, we’ll witness the origins of these events and what led up to D-day and the end of Hitler’s rule.

Known as ‘Operation Overlord’, the film depicts real historical footage of the military operations – from the summer of 1941 (when Churchill and Roosevelt first discussed the issue), to 6th June, 1944 where the D-day invasion came about.

The documentary also tells of the strategy used by Hitler to prevent and thwart their landings. In addition to narrating military strategies, The Light of Dawn recounts this pivotal point in World War Two from a geopolitical angle as well as from an economic standpoint.

The Light of Dawn: June 6th, 1944
  • Info
  • Release date2014
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Jean-Cristophe Rosé
  • Production companyKuiv Productions