The Last Days of Anne Boleyn

The Last Days of Anne Boleyn is a history documentary that portrays English monarch Henry VIII’s second wife Anne Boleyn and her last days before being executed.

Her sudden and violent downfall has captivated and fiercely divided historians for centuries, thanks to its intoxicating elements of romance, power, sex, religion, and politics.

But other than being a 16th century Queen of England who was Anne Boleyn and why was she executed? Why did Henry the VIII charge her with incest, witchcraft, adultery and conspiracy against the king?

To understand the intricate historical details and watch it unfold, we’ll examine the controversy at the heart of her story.

Guided by history expects like David Starkey and actors re-enacting 16th century English monarchy, the documentary outlines The Last Days of Anne Boleyn.

The Last Days of Anne Boleyn
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  • Release date2013
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  • Director(s)Rob Coldstream