The Dog with an IQ of 102

The Dog with an IQ of 102 takes us into the hilarious and bizarre world of super intelligent pets and their devoted and eccentric owners.

There’s Kirsty whose dog, Cooper, has a 200-word vocabulary and can count better than your average toddler; the Sheridan family whose football-mad parrot, Slipmat, knows every chant and watches every game, and farmer Louise, whose trusty assistant is actually her super-smart dog, Jess.

Living with a pet who is your intellectual superior can be challenging to say the least, but these families couldn’t imagine things any other way.

In fact, they’re on a mission to help their beloved pets realize their full potential and become the brainiest pets around.

One owner is so determined to prove that Melanie (her North American raccoon) is the smartest pet in Britain that she enters her into a dog IQ competition to prove it. But is she right?

The Dog with an IQ of 102
  • Info
  • Release date2016
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Marcus Sulley
  • Production companyOxford Scientific Films