Santorini: The Beauty on a powder keg

Part of the “Dream Cities” documentary series, Santorini: The Beauty on a powder keg travels to Santorini to explore the beautiful Greek island.

Although the Santorini archipelago is a heavily tourist visited hotspot, the island may see a volcanic eruption at any given moment.

The island is located on top of an active volcano named the Santorini caldera which makes the future uncertain for the inhabitants.

Until then, however, the Santorini island dwellers is going nowhere. Life here is meant to be lived slow with a lot of social interaction.

Even the transportation on the island is slow, here they go nowhere fast without a mule.

Whether the restaurant terraces above the abyss of Oia, the hotels on the breath-taking cliffs of Imerovigli or Firostefani, it was only with the help of the stubborn climbing mules, that these daring constructions were made possible.

As the documentary opens up the life of the locals, we’ll meet one of those in charge of the mules. Antonis Vlachos has ten strong mules that work for him. He transports almost everything with them: stones, food or the typically blue paint for the church domes.

But apart from the local life, what does Santorini have to offer?

Travel with Santorini: The Beauty on a powder keg and get an insight into why this island has become a tourist magnet.

Santorini: The Beauty on a powder keg
  • Info
  • Release date2011
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Till Lehmann
  • Part of the seriesDream Cities
  • Production companyMareTV