Penguin Baywatch Antarctica

Penguin Baywatch Antarctica is a nature documentary film which follows a year of penguin behaviour in the icy waters and volcanic islands of the Antarctic Ocean. These islands are located at the Crozet Islands, in the inlet of Paradise Bay, at the southernmost reaches of the Indian Ocean.

Here we’ll follow named penguin species like Chinstrap, Macaroni, Adele, Gentoo, King and many others.

Penguin Baywatch Antarctica is a brutal, but often moving, wildlife documentary which charts life for the various species of penguins and other animals in the Antarctic Ocean.

Here, the fight for life is on. Each group of penguins struggle to survive the arctic colds, relentless weather beatdowns and agile predators roaming the sea. Yet somehow, despite these rough conditions, penguin life continues on.

The documentary starts off in summertime, where the aquatic birds are gathering on the dry earth of the islands for the purposes of mating, roosting and raising their young. It’s here we’ll get our first look into Penguin Baywatch Antarctica.

Penguin Baywatch Antarctica
  • Info
  • Release date2005
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Cyril Barbançon
  • Production companySt. Thomas productions