Lieutenant of the Alt-Right

How an alt-right leader used a lie to climb the ranks

This New York Times based documentary follows Elliott Kline, also known as Eli Mosley.

To Elliott, the alt-right is made up of American patriots, often inspired by military service. According to the filmmakers months-long investigation, his past is considered racist and filled with layers of deception.

As stated by the alt-right, one of the best political strategies is to provoke a reaction from the public by stirring up outrage and fear. They call this ‘triggering’.

The alt-right believe that if their opponents respond aggressively, even violently, they might appear less offensive in comparison.

In turn, using social media to showcase the alt-right’s rallies, Elliott feels like he creates a pandemonium of political noise.

This is then sucked up by the press, furthering the alt-right’s political agenda.

Lieutenant of the Alt-Right
  • Info
  • Release date2018
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Emma Cott