Let It Snow

Travel to the colder regions on Earth where winter and snow reigns supreme. In these parts of the world, we’ll take a close look at how snow and ice crystals form.

Furthermore, we’ll experience the wildlife that have acclimated to these cold regions and how humanity utilizes snow for science and joyous events.

But what secrets does snow hold? During this documentary we’ll take a look at what snow really is, what it sounds like and how we can even create it ourselves.

To understand the phenomenon better, the film travels through gentle snow flurries, howling blizzards and snow filled winter landscapes.

If some of these snowflakes landed in your hand, there’s a good chance these tiny crystallized flakes are unique.

Each of them are shaped by random events of nature, all of them with secrets of their own ready to be studied.

As a study illustrated in the documentary, scientists have experimented with music and vibrations to influence the snowflake crystallisation process, giving the snowflakes specific shapes.

These scientists also show how it’s possible to produce artificial snow which melts at 30 degrees Celsius.

But this isn’t all; snow sculpts our landscapes for better or worse, shaping the way both we and the wildlife interact with nature.

Sometimes, it can be deadly; an obstacle worsening our existence. Other times, it creates beautiful, serene, landscapes to play in.

Dive deep into this snow documentary and Let It Snow.

Let It Snow
  • Info
  • Release date2014
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Klaus T. Steindl
  • Part of the seriesThe Secrets of Nature