Krakatoa is a documentary drama film telling the story and events leading up to cataclysmic eruption of the volcano Krakatoa in 1883.

On 27th August 1883 the uninhabited island of Krakatoa blew itself out of existence with an explosion the equivalent power of 150 million tonnes of TNT.

The eruption was so loud that the sound was heard over a twelfth of the Earth’s surface, and the shockwaves reverberated around the entire planet seven times.

From the explosion, a huge tsunami also formed. These enormous waves wiped out hundreds of Indonesian towns and villages killing tens of thousands. Within hours news of the disaster was transmitted around the globe, and scientists at the time struggled to comprehend the geological forces which had caused the tragedy.

These events led to a surge in geological and scientific studies, creating new chapters in our geological understanding of the Earth.

Scientists realised quickly the geographical position of Indonesia is almost the center of where two tectonic plates meet. These constantly moving plates were a direct result in more frequent earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis.

Yet, why was the Krakatoa eruption bigger than any of the other volcanic eruptions we know of in newer times?

Krakatoa reconstructs the true stories of survivors from their accounts and diaries, and pieces together the scientific data to understand what happened to cause the biggest volcanic catastrophe in modern human times.

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  • Release date2008
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  • Director(s)Jeremy Hall, Stuart Everett