Inside the Milky Way

Inside the Milky Way travels across 100 000 light years to witness key moments in the history of the Milky Way.

Detecting the astronomical wonders our home galaxy holds, the documentary offers an awe-inspiring journey into the Milky Way.

We’ll be visiting nebulas birthing new stars and see the supernova echoes of dead stars and many other galactic happenings.

It is a journey which also witnesses our Milky Way’s beating gravitational heart – a super massive black hole at it center.

By flying through the galaxy, we’re able to understand its true shape, how it functions on a grande scale and how everything fits together inside it.

In our search to understand our place in our universe and the exploration for life other than us, Inside the Milky Way takes on the grand cosmological investigation of the Milky Way – one that reaches every corner of our galaxy.

Inside the Milky Way
  • Info
  • Release date2010
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Duncan Copp
  • Production companyDOX Productions