How Black Holes Made Us

How the Universe Works

How the Universe Works is back with yet another space documentary and this time we’ll take a look at black holes.

Recognized as the engines of cosmic change, black holes are known to swallow up massive amounts of matter in our universe. But how bad are they really for our cosmos as a whole?

Modern science tells the tale of how black holes are immensely useable for our universe, securing both the birth of new stars and sculpturing the cosmological landscape by keeping galaxies held together through their colossal gravity.

New discoveries even reveal that they might have been essential to giving light and building the Universe itself.

As we dig deeper into the science behind black holes, our interviewed scientists reveal how even light and spacetime become warped near a black hole. This, in turn, changes the dynamic of modern astrophysics and leaves us hanging with mysterious gaps in our knowledge.

Let’s investigate How Black Holes Made Us.

How Black Holes Made Us
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  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Mark Bridge
  • Part of the seriesHow The Universe Works
  • Production companyPioneer Productions