Have fun in Pyongyang

Life in North Korea

What is life really like in North Korea?

Film maker Pierre-Olivier Francois travels to the mysterious East Asian country to explore every day life and gain an insight into an otherwise locked down society.

Most people would associate North Korea with dictatorship, military parades and an isolationist way of living.

Although it is difficult to look beyond the brutal political regime, North Korea might have more to offer than just that. To figure it out, Have fun in Pyongyang set out to look at the every day people carrying out their lives there.

Are North Koreans allowed to dance, laugh and marry? Where do they go out to have fun and where do they go on vacation? Questions like these drives film maker Pierre-Olivier Francois as he tours the country.

The documentary not only includes life in the bigger cities, but also travels to the country sides and the remote mountainess areas of North Korea.

Have fun in Pyongyang is comprised of over eight years worth of material, or forty times worth of visits to North Korea.

The documentary stands as a valuable source of material giving us an insight and understanding as to how an impoverished and isolated country has survived the end of the Cold War, the famine of the 1990s that cost hundreds of thousands their lives, and the never-ending diplomatic and military conflicts.

Have fun in Pyongyang
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Pierre-Olivier Francois
  • Production companyAlegria Productions