Carthage: The Roman Holocaust

Carthage: The Roman Holocaust digs through the Carthaginian and ancient Roman past to investigate the destruction of ancient Carthage.

Said to be equally matched in strength, the two ancient empires were locked in a power struggle for control of the ancient world.

When Rome finally gained the upper hand, they eradicated the city of Carthage and created a brutal genocide against the Carthaginian civilization.

To shine light on the little historical and archaeological knowledge we have of Carthage, the documentary pins together the history and and rediscovers the strange, exotic civilisation that the Romans were desperate to obliterate.

Throughout, we’ll join historian and archaeologist Dr Richard Miles as he visits key sights of the period – from Rome to the ruins of Carthage – and uncovers the real importance of this largely forgotten civilisation.

Carthage: The Roman Holocaust
  • Info
  • Release date2004
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Joseph Maxwell
  • Production companyRDF Media