Birth of a Black Hole

Venture into the darkest corners of our universe as Spacerip takes a look at how black holes are created, shaped and formed.

Usually birthed from stars who go supernova, black holes are created from the massive gravitational collapse following the explosion.

But what are the exact causes and events creating the black holes? To illustrate our current understanding of these cosmological mysteries, scientists created a long range of experiments funnelled through supercomputers.

In Birth of a Black Hole we’ll witness some of these experiments and witness the processes of black holes being formed.

Through one of these simulations, scientist were able to figure how, for example, in the final 35 thousands of a second after the black hole forms, that chaos reign supreme.

But from this chaos a new structure becomes steadily more organized, and a magnetic field takes on the character of a jet.

Within less than a second after the black hole is born, it launches a jet of particles to a speed approaching light.

Birth of a Black Hole
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Thomas Lucas
  • Part of the seriesSpacerip
  • Production companyThomas Lucas Productions, Inc