Barbarians Rising

Barbarians Rising follows the armies and leaders who revolted against the might of Rome. Re-told as an epic docudrama, filled with re-enactment and guided by experts, the series portrays the ancient adversaries who battled to see the end of Rome.

Episode 1: Boudica

Episode 1: Boudica

Episode 1 focuses on Boudica and the Celtic revolt against Ancient Rome.

With its constant appetite for expansion and conquest, Ancient Rome sets its eyes on expansion in Britain in the years 60 and 61 AD.

These are groups of islands in the north western part of Europe, said to be haunted by ghosts and other malicious entities.

Throughout Barbarians Rising: Boudica, we’ll follow this Roman invasion of Britain as seen by the perspective of Boudica; a fearless leader of the Celts.

Challenging the might of Rome, Boudica and her Celtic army is recreated with stunning depiction and interspersed with historical commentary from experts in military, scholars and historians.

Experience the tale of Boudica and the roman invasion as never seen before, when swords clash and the ancient war trumpets sound once again.

Episode 2: Hannibal

Episode 2: Hannibal

Episode 2 sees two superpowers clash, as the great general Hannibal from Carthage challenges the might of Ancient Rome in the Second Punic War of 218 – 201 BC.

By building a network of alliances, Hannibal manages to gather a rebel alliance against Rome with an over 50 000 strong army. By choosing the route of Alps, Hannibal does what no one has done before him. He gains an entry point into Ancient Rome through an otherwise impossible mountain chokepoint and puts fear into an entire empire.

For the next 15 years Hannibal fights for dominion in Rome’s home turf. But by adapting to the barbarian’s tactics, Roman general Scipio Africanus manages to hold them off from the city of Rome. Although the Roman army suffered crushing defeats at the hand of Hannibal, they have won the war – ultimately leading to Hannibals exile and Carthages’ destruction.

Now free from their biggest enemy, the Roman war machine looks outwards again to conquer new lands and fuel its empire. This outward expansions means the barbarians have to change tactics to curb the Roman threat.

Barbarians Rising
  • Info
  • Release date2016
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Simon George
  • Production companyOctober Films