Apocalypse: The Battle of Verdun

Apocalypse: The Battle of Verdun is a two-part documentary series composed of real World War 1 footage.

Like other Apocalypse series – these films have been newly restored and colorized, showcasing the horrifying realities of the first world war as it comes to life once again in the infamous Battle of Verdun.

Now over hundred years ago, the bloody battle of Verdun was set in February 1916 – a time where the war had already been raging for two long years.

Lasting for 302 years, Verdun was described as “Hell on Earth” and being one of the most costly in history.

With casualties ranging well over 700,000 deaths, the Battle of Verdun has been remembered by historians to be one of the most ruthless and destructive of World War 1.

Episode 1: The Carnage

Episode 1: The Carnage

This first episode shows the Germans mobilizing their armies and launching a massive attack on a fort covered area near Verdun.

These actions of war started the longest battle of World War I, a horror filled 302 days of constant artillery barrages.

Episode 2: The Illusion

Episode 2: The Illusion

Episode two continues the Battle of Verdun as the French and Germans continue their strive against each other.

They inflict hundreds of thousands of casualties on each other as the battle slowly grinds to a halt with neither side budging.

Apocalypse: The Battle of Verdun
  • Info
  • Release date2016
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle
  • Part of the seriesApocalypse
  • Also known asVerdun
  • Production companyCC & C