La Isla Más Peligrosa

Written by Spanish teacher John Sifert, the novel La Isla Más Peligrosa was created for Spanish beginners. Containing less than 200 unique words, the novel works well with novice readers and beyond. As John Sifert writes it – although the vocabulary is sheltered, the grammar is not. The novel is written mainly in the present and past tense, with a few examples of subjunctive and commands.

The story itself tells about Caden, a young man who’s just survived a plane crash, and finds himself on deserted island. Little does he know that he and the other survivors has washed up on la Isla de la Quemada Grande – an small island commonly known as Snake Island. In the midst of avoiding deadly serpents, Caden just wants to find his dad and brother and go home. But to make matters worse, Caden soon discovers that the person who brought down the plane may still be on the island with them.

A definite easy Spanish novel for the class room and self taught students.

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Author: John Sifert
ISBN: 9781986288804