El escape cubano

Dive into the novel El Escape Cubano by Mira Canion, a simplified Spanish book geared towards beginners learning the Spanish language.

Containing just 140 new vocabulary words and English-Spanish cognates, the book is easily overcome by anyone just starting out learning Spanish.

Inspired by a true story author Mira Canion writes about Miguel, a boy who’s happiness changes to gripping fear within minutes as he overhears his parents fighting about escaping from Cuba on a raft. And his dad plans to take him along.

The book continues into Miguel’s thoughts on it and how he’s heard the stories about the dangerous escape: swift currents, giant waves, sharks and the pitch black nights.

That is why Miguel is determined to stay in Cuba, but time is not on his side.

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From: Amazon Book
Author: Mira Canion
ISBN: 9780991441150