Wildest Africa

Visit Africa's wildlife and nature

Created in 1995 by Greg Grainger, Wildest Africa sets out to explore the wildlife and nature of the African continent.

The nature documentary features many of the diverse creatures roaming Africa. From the big cats, elephants, cape buffalo, hippos and giraffes, through to highly endangered species such as the black rhinoceros and wild dog.

Wildest Africa reiterates the singular goal for every animal on the savannah, that of survival and the eternal hunt for food.

Although the documentary is a bit dated, Wildest Africa still has timeless wildlife moments. The lions still hunt and kill for food, the zebras and buffalos still graze and look towards greener pastures. The elephants still rule through sheer size and the hippos still don’t care underneath their pools of water.

The African wildlife runs in a loop only broken by human interference, climate change, epidemics or that of being dominated by a bigger and better animal.

Two of those alterations you and I could potentially have influence over. Gathering knowledge on animal life and our natural environment could perhaps influence how we temper with nature and could help remind us how we should preserve it.

Wildest Africa
  • Info
  • Release date1995
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Greg Grainger
  • Production companyGrainger TV