Vampire Island

Finding the truths behind the fiction

Historian Dan Jones seeks the answers behind the myth and legends of the vampire.

Was Bram Stoker’s image of vampire the first one to appear, or has history, folklore, myths and legends shown us similar stories to the mythological creates such as the vampire?

Horror stories in the night can mold our fantasies and sometimes sculpture our perceptions of reality.

A fear for the unknown can be born, taking on the shadow shapes of cruel monsters.

Vampires, born of the night, could suck the blood of his victims and create mindless slaves to serve the vampire through immortality.

A mighty creature instilling fear into even the bravest of hearts.

But are there more to the legends? What are the truths behind vampires and how was the myth actually born?

Was the vampire really born from real stories told in the night or books shaped by vivid imagination?

These legends of blood sucking vampires has captured peoples’ imagination for generations.

Now, in Vampire Island, a crack team of archaeologists and forensic scientists have uncovered hard evidence for the existence of the legend.

Follow them on their investigative trail to find out who the vampire victims were and what they might have looked like.

Vampire Island
  • Info
  • Release date2013
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Julian Thomas