Untouchable Love

Untouchable Love is a tale of romance creating a conflict between parents and children, religion and human rights, of youth who reject their culture to assert the freedom to love, and of Hindu extremists who view love as a threat to the system, for an increase in inter-caste marriages will blur caste boundaries and create an equal society.

These five love stories, of high-caste girls running away with untouchable boys, are modern-day versions of Romeo and Juliet.

Manoj and Parbati’s affair causes ethnic cleansing in their village. Khadga and Jaisara live in the jungle to hold on to their love. The romance of Shyam and Saraswoti unleashes the wrath of the police on the untouchables.

Kishor faces jail because he loves Ranjana. And the case of Rajib and Sabina, is it a double suicide, or murder?

Untouchable Love
  • Info
  • Release date2011
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Dilman Dila
  • Production companyDil Stories