Tokyo’s Lost Islands: Sofugan

In Tokyo, there are unapproachable “lost islands” where unspoiled environments cradle rich wildlife.

Sofugan (otherwise known as “Lot’s Wife”) is one of these islands, it reaches 100-meters-high and looks like a solitary rock pillar standing in the lonely midst of the ocean and is 650km south of the Tokyo’s city’s center.

Remote and difficult to access, it had never been explored in detail.

But today, a group of Japanese scientists and engineers set out on a two-year survey of the island and take a look at the nearby deep ocean Sofugan wildlife.

Tokyos Lost Islands: Sofugan records their journey, along with the creatures they discover – from unusual species amongst the rugged rocks to mysterious marine life in the surrounding deep sea.

Tokyo’s Lost Islands: Sofugan
  • Info
  • Release dateFeb 24., 2019
  • Full runtime49 minutes
  • Narrated byJack Merluzzi
  • Production CompaniesNHK